How mutual funds make money?

how mutual funds make money

How mutual funds make money

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I tell you how to invest and I hope that I can teach you all about the investment.

So, many tricks for investment.

Mutual fund: When a lot of investors invest money with the same purpose then these funds are called mutual funds. now the purpose of this mutual fund occurs. Equity and debt make money from all the people who want to earn money on the market.

how mutual funds make money

Write now but they don’t have the time and the knowledge they do not have.

then the company appoints the manager that tells people all about this broadly the two types of the idea are found to be.

  • Equity
  • Debt

1. Equity

The manner ship of a business we no that to buy share of a company means. And this little language of investing in a language called the part we equity. Then we can say that buy the stop of a company. We do equity buy in the same company. Let me explain to you give an example.

Let’s say ten people combined a company started and ten people spend 5 cores of rupees started the business. In legal registration in the company. He dedicates the company in total to 2 core share and then he deposed that all the people in the company would be and divide the stock of the company amount themself now take the value of the company need 5 cores to grow. And again all founders put total 50 percent equity of the company. For this now the company has now made 500 hundred crore rupees from the raised and from the public the IPO. Sell 1 percent equity on 1 lakh share and then we buy 1 lakh share on this company. Then we will become honor of person equity. This is called equity.

2. Debt

We give or take a loan to someone when we give a particular charge or give a charge then we call him a debt. Now I will tell you who can take or give this debt. An individual can take a loan from anyone whichever amount has his loan and he deposits it additional interest we call him a debt.


Many earned from investments.

High risks, high returns

Low risks low returns.

medium risks medium returns.

This is a return. that what all think make people afraid away from the world of investment. No friends understand how to do.

About the investment, you need to understand how can you bring and multiply your own money into the mutual funds.

I will teach you step by step about investment.

Fixed deposit is safe and common.

Fd is low risk and low returns.

A fixed deposit is a type of loan giving to the bank of the method which the bank charges us. interest is given for what we called fixed deposit which tenure may from 1 to 20 years.

I called fixed deposit.

Classical Financial investment.

The value of gold goes up with time today gold price is $1,667.50 and yesterday gold is $1,888.68.

Stock investment


First, you buy a stock than invest in any company. like, for example, you can invest in a company.

Investment rule.

Don’t be afraid to make mistake.

Analyze the company thoroughly.

Market is supreme.

Keep your trading and investing portfolio seperate.

Stay away from stocks tips.

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